Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How Did I Get My First Sexy Lingerie

How Did I Get My First Sexy Lingerie
As the old saying says "Fine clothes make the man". Beautiful sexy dresses can make people look more beautiful, attracting and sexy, so does the sexy lingerie. Though I have many different kinds of sexy lingerie now, I still can not forget my first sexy lingerie which I bought in three years ago.Three years ago, I just entered the university. I lived in the university dormitory with other three girls. They all paid attention to what they wore. They bought all kinds of clothes, especially the sexy costumes. When they put the sexy dresses and costumes on, they completely turned to another people. I had not enough money to buy these beautiful clothes. They suggested to me that the cheap sexy dresses and costumes was a best choice, too. They introduced to me these different kinds of sexy dresses and costumes. The dresses and costumes that can make people look very sexy and pretty and attracting can be called sexy dresses and costumes. The right sexy dresses and costumes can enhance woman's breast while cover her fat waist.I could not resist the temptation of the sexy dresses. I went into a sexy lingerie store with my roommates in a weekend. This store only sold the cheap sexy lingerie in different styles and sizes. At that time I had known that the sexy lingerie not only comprises of bras and panties but also a lot of other items such as chemise, camisole, bustiers, basque, thongs, corsets, pantyhose, and teddy and so on. At the same time, I was astonished that the sexy lingerie can be made from so many different materials such as silk, satin, lace, nylon, spun rayon fabric, polynosic fabric and chiffon and so on. My roommates had picked and chosen these beautiful sexy lingeries at once. Some of them even had chosen more than one piece of sexy lingerie. At the beginning I picked up a piece of red spun rayon fabric bras decorated the black peony. But I caught sight of a piece of pink polynosic fabric bras. I could not make a decision which one I should buy. Though both of them were not very expensive, I could not buy both of them at the same time. My roommates gave me the advice that the red one was prettier than the pink one. I had to put down the pink one and bought the red one.The red bras were my first sexy lingerie. Though it was very cheap, I liked it very much. I often wore it. This piece of sexy lingerie can help me to highlight the best parts of my body and perfectly display my feminine image. It was old and could not be worn at last, but I often remember it and my roommates.

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